Introducing InsideTrack – Professional Development Training to Enhance Student Success

Introducing InsideTrack – Professional Development Training to Enhance Student Success

At Peirce, our core values include being learning-centered, maintaining a commitment to excellence in all we do, collaborating to practice open and honest communication, and staying innovative to all organizational functions. These values are crucial to helping our students succeed and we are always evaluating new methods to enhance the educational experience for our students. 

In 2021, Peirce College received a five-year PBI Formula Grant from the Department of Education to support the implementation of a career-integrated approach for student services from onboarding to graduation. It also supports the College’s efforts to expand the use of open educational resources, develop a financial literacy planning tool for students, and implement supplemental instruction for developmental and gateway courses. 

Through this funding, Peirce has been able to provide Inside Track® professional development training to Advising, and Career and Student Services staff to support every stage of the student journey. This training provides the tools to aid in the success and retention of our students through direct coaching, and provides academic advisors, managers, and career counselors with the resources to enhance their relationships with students and build skills to help them succeed. 

The training includes an evidence-based coaching methodology that translates into better enrollment, persistence, completion and career readiness. InsideTrack prides itself on providing virtual trainings that are engaging and that allows the participants the flexibility to learn in a variety of ways. The types of trainings provided are:

  • Virtual foundational coach training
  • Ongoing reinforcement training
  • Plus 1:1 observations
  • Debrief sessions

Throughout the next few months, we will explore the topics that have been covered so far in these training sessions, and share how they are being applied to staff and students’ daily interactions, inside and outside of Peirce. Some of the topics that we will explore include:

  • The importance of building relationships
  • Why and how to build motivation
  • The certification process for InsideTrack
  • Learning the importance of listening
  •  How to apply the GROW model in our daily lives

Make sure you return to the blog for part 2 of the InsideTrack series to learn more about the training and certifications that our staff are receiving and how it will benefit students! 

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