InsideTrack – The Training and Certification Process

InsideTrack – The Training and Certification Process

Today’s blog post continues our series about the professional development training our staff has recently received through InsideTrack, focusing on the training and certifications process and how it will benefit students.

Throughout this year-long training, the Peirce Advising, Career, and Student Services staff have gained knowledge that will be applied to enhance our students’ experiences and better prepare them for success. Inside Track® has incorporated best practices and theories that are evidence-based into their training, which focuses on student engagement, development, and retention, fostering better retention and higher graduation rates for students over time.

These areas of training are of high importance at Peirce. To ensure that staff are well-versed in these highly sought after training, Peirce staff members participated in a full week of foundational training where they learned vital components of coaching, such as: 

  • Coaching meeting structure
  • Listening skills
  • Core values 
  • Coaching student decision-making skills

After learning the components of coaching, the training dived deeper into the elements of coaching, which are: building relationships, assessing, advancing, building motivation, and strategizing. To implement the knowledge learned during the training, staff engaged in extensive discussions, role-play scenarios, and reflections on personal obstacles to practice these tools for many types of situations.

When staff were ready to use these tools to help students, they were guided by their trainers to ensure all aspects of the InsideTrack model were followed. At each meeting, staff and students discussed their specific situation and needs and developed customized plans designed for each individual based upon these coaching elements. 

Additionally, Peirce staff held monthly one-to-one sessions with their own success coach/specialist to review and analyze how they handled situations. This was a crucial piece of the training. Having a coach point out areas of improvement proved to be extremely helpful and provided an opportunity to work on different techniques during each interaction with our students. 

For Peirce staff, outcomes are essential and all of our student-facing coaches wanted to understand how well they were achieving their goals. To do this, Inside Track provided analysis and scoring for each staff member, based on how well they implemented what they learned. After achieving enough points in these evaluations, staff members were required to sit for an exam and conduct a role-play with a lead trainer to assess their competencies in these areas. We are proud to share that ALL Peirce staff members who participated in the training were awarded an InsideTrack Student Coaching certification, which represents that they have successfully demonstrated mastery of the InsideTrack Coaching methodology. 

Congratulations to all of our Advising, Career, and Student Services staff for their hard work on this certification! These skills will help our students as they complete their academic journey and achieve their goals. 

Stay tuned for the next blog in the ITK series focusing on the Importance of Listening! 

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