A Current Healthcare Administration Student, Paradigm Scholarship Recipient, And Supervisor/Business Manager: Meet Evelyn Heldon

A Current Healthcare Administration Student, Paradigm Scholarship Recipient, And Supervisor/Business Manager: Meet Evelyn Heldon

In February 2023, we announced the exciting news that the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce had recognized four hardworking Peirce students to receive the Paradigm Scholarship for Working Women. They were formally honored during the Paradigm Luncheon in March 2023, and now we want to honor them, too! During this series, we will highlight all four winners and their journeys as Peirce students.

Today’s featured student is Evelyn Heldon. Evelyn is a healthcare professional who decided to continue her education to advance to a higher-level leadership position in her field. She learned about Peirce College through her employer, Penn Medicine, and the benefits such as tuition discount, waived application fees, and more through our Corporate Partnership program.

In the fall of 2021, Evelyn ultimately decided to enroll in the Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration program due to the flexibility and hybrid model available and the ease of transferring credits. “Peirce accepted most of my credits,” she said. “This was extremely helpful in my educational endeavors.”

At Peirce, we are committed to not only making the transfer credit process easy but also providing our students opportunities to make higher education accessible and affordable. When she learned about the Paradigm Scholarship opportunity she applied hoping to be selected as a winner.

“Peirce is really great with letting its students know about opportunities like the Paradigm Scholarship for Working Women,” she said. Besides the financial benefit, she was drawn to apply due to the values of the organization, distinguished influential leaders, networking opportunities and the community that empowers working women.

Evelyn plans to use the scholarship to take additional courses this year. “Hopefully, [taking extra courses] will push up my graduation date so that I can start my journey in obtaining my Master’s sooner,” said Evelyn.

Receiving the scholarship has given Evelyn a boost of confidence and reassurance that she’s on the right path. As a full-time employee, working two jobs and an active volunteer, finding time to balance school and her personal life can be challenging. She continues to thrive in her educational endeavors by practicing good time-management and prioritizing time for self-care.

Evelyn describes her experience at Peirce as positive and supportive.

“I feel like everyone from my professors to my advisors are truly invested in my success and care about my journey,” she said. “I always feel supported and connected to my educational team.”

Currently, Evelyn has two jobs – one as the supervisor of clerical services with the Renal Division at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, and one as the Business Manager of Cousins Mike, a personal chef and catering company. Once she completes her degree she plans to move up the ladder in the healthcare field and continue her education by enrolling in a master’s degree program at Peirce.

For all her fellow Peirce students and the working adults considering going back to school, Evelyn has some advice, “If you are considering going back to school, just do it. There is never a “perfect” time. Make sure that you pick a program that fits your needs, and utilize the resources that your college offers.”

Congratulations on all of your accomplishments, Evelyn!

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