Frequently Asked Questions from Adult Learners

Returning to school as an adult learner? With more than 150 years of serving adult learners and non-traditional students, we’ve gotten pretty good at answering some of the more frequently asked questions about applying to Peirce College and earning a degree. Here are the questions we hear most often:

  • Who is considered an adult learner or non-traditional student?
    Adult learners come from a wide variety of cultural and educational backgrounds, but they do usually share some common characteristics. Adult learners are typically 25 or older, employed full-time, have family and dependents to support, and may have previously started college but had to take time off to address other responsibilities.
  • As an adult learner, why should I choose Peirce College?
    We’ve been helping adult learners just like you succeed since 1865. We know how to provide the flexibility and support that non-traditional students need to complete their degree and balance class work with a busy schedule outside of school.
  • What types of support services do you offer for adult learners?
    We want to do everything we can to help you succeed, so we make sure to provide the resources you need at every step — including our library, Career Development Services (CDS) Center, tutoring services and more.
  • If I have previous credits from another college, will they transfer to Peirce?
    Absolutely! We welcome students who want to transfer college credits, and we have a generous transfer policy. We also provide a free Credit Evaluation service to help you determine the value of your previous college, professional development and/or job experience. Contact your Admissions Representative at 1.888.467.3472, ext. 9000 to get started.
  • Does my military experience count as college credit?
    Peirce is a military-friendly college, and we will evaluate your military experience for college credit. In fact, Peirce was originally founded as a college for soldiers returning from the Civil War. If you have specific questions, you can view our Military Student FAQs or contact an Enrollment Specialist at 1.888.467.3472, ext. 9000.
  • Can I earn credits for my work experience?
    At Peirce, you can use your previous work experience to accelerate—and reduce the cost of—earning your degree. You can earn up to 30 credits toward an associate degree or up to 90 credits toward a bachelor’s degree through any combination of relevant past experience. To take advantage of our free Credit Evaluation service and determine the value of your previous experience, contact your Admissions Representative at 1.888.467.3472, ext. 9000.
  • Is the class schedule flexible?
    We offer a revolutionary approach to learning that gives you the flexibility and convenience you need. Peirce Fit is a life-friendly way for adult learners to earn a degree. It lets you decide, week to week, whether to attend class on campus or online—and you get the freedom to switch throughout the course as your needs change.
  • What happens if I need to miss a class?
    Your professors understand that sometimes other responsibilities, like work or family, may conflict with your class schedule. If something keeps you from attending a class either on campus or online,make sure you talk to your professor about it and make up any assignments you may miss. Also, see if you can contact another student in the class so you can review any class notes. Always make sure that you know the attendance policy for each course you’re taking.
  • How do I apply?
    The application process is simple. It just takes a few minutes, and you can start it online right now! Before you can be officially accepted, you’ll need to pay a $50 non-refundable application fee, and you’ll have to provide some additional paperwork—like transcripts and/or diplomas. But we will walk you through all that when the time comes.
  • Do you offer financial aid?
    We sure do. We want to make a degree as affordable as possible for every adult learner, so we offer a variety of financial aid options, including scholarships, grants and loans.
  • How long will it take me to earn my degree?
    That depends on a lot of factors, including how many courses you take per semester and whether or not you have any previous credits to transfer. We also offer a number of intensive college courses that earn you the same amount of credits as a normal 8-week course in less than half the time.
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