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The Master of Science in Organizational Leadership & Management provides working adults with the skills and credentials needed for taking on leadership roles and career advancement.

What You Can Expect

  • New students who register by January for the Spring semester can save $500 in tuition on their first course and get free books for that course*
  • Accelerated, 7- and 8-week courses
  • The ability to finish your master’s in less than 18 months
  • Lively interaction with your fellow busy adult students and faculty
  • Gain expertise in leadership, management, research, analysis, and decision making that can be applied to your job on day one
  • Flexible formats that work around your busy schedule

*This offer is not available to those enrolling under a corporate partnership or current undergraduate students enrolling via Grad Scholars or the Bachelors-to-Masters program.

Upcoming Start Dates

Spring 2020:
  • Application deadline extended: Jan. 10, 2020
  • Classes start: Jan. 17, 2020
Summer 2020:
  • Applications due: April 17, 2020
  • Classes start: May 15, 2020

Program at a Glance:




100% online, or a blend of online and on-campus courses

Transfer Credits:

Up to 6 transfer credits can be applied to this degree

Estimated Tuition for Degree:


($772 per credit x 36 credits)

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Bachelor’s to Master’s:

Up to 12 graduate credits can be earned by our bachelor’s degree students at the undergrad rate.  Learn more.

*Tuition is based on 2019-2020 tuition and does not include fees or books.

MSOLM Curriculum

Minimum Total Credits: 36

Requirement PrerequisiteMin. Credits
OLM 501Foundations of Contemporary Leadership Theory & Practice 3
OLM 503Applied Research MethodsOLM 501 must be completed or concurrently enrolled.3
OLM 511Systems Dynamics and ChangeOLM 501 and OLM 5033
OLM 521Ethical Decision MakingOLM 501 and OLM 5033
OLM 523Transcendent LeadershipOLM 501 and OLM 5033
OLM 531Leading Culturally & Generationally Diverse PopulationsOLM 501 and OLM 5033
OLM 540Business and Professional CommunicationsOLM 501 and OLM 5033
OLM 550Strategic Human Resource ManagementOLM 501 and OLM 5033
OLM 560Developing Systems LiteracyOLM 501 and OLM 5033
OLM 570Strategic Management and FinanceOLM 501 and OLM 5033
OLM 580Leadership Project Management StrategyOLM 501 and OLM 5033
OLM 590Organizational Leadership Capstone ProjectCompletion of all required coursework.3

Program Outcomes

Graduates of the program will be able to:

  • Evaluate the impact of leadership and ethical decision making on organizational culture.
  • Identify the systematic and strategic dynamics affecting the organization such as the needs and perspectives of relevant stakeholders.
  • Predict the impact of change and future challenges on an organization’s core business.
  • Develop strategies for utilizing human resource capital, including cultural diversity and multiple generations.
  • Apply methods of facilitating change through process consultation, team building, conflict resolution, and large group intervention.
  • Differentiate between modern organizational structural models and their impact on leadership style and organizational productivity.
  • Apply systems thinking and theory to organizational challenges.
  • Evaluate and redesign organizational structures, work processes, and governance.
  • Demonstrate competency in reading and conducting research in organizations.

Careers in Organizational Leadership & Management

Skilled leaders and managers are needed in nearly every field. Graduates of our Organizational Leadership and Management program are prepared for successful, rewarding careers in organizational change, consultation, and management. Peirce graduates with one of these top leadership master’s degrees are taking on leadership roles in healthcare, government, finance, higher education, early childhood education, and with major corporations. For more information about potential leadership careers for Peirce graduates, visit our Organizational Leadership & Management Careers page.

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“Our most successful students have career experience and are actively seeking advancement to a position of leadership and management responsibility in their respective field. OLM students can expect to expect to gain skills in leadership, management, research, analysis, and writing that are applicable in diverse organizations.”

Adrian C. Zappala

Dean of Graduate Studies & Associate Professor, Organizational Leadership & Management

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