Online Supply Chain Management and Logistics Certificate 

Supply chain management is the management of the flow of goods and services, including the processes that transform raw materials into final products. 

It is highly valued because effective supply chain management can minimize cost in the production and distribution cycle of a product to maximize customer value and help businesses gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

The Certificate of Proficiency in Supply Chain Management and Logistics prepares students with the skills and knowledge required for entry and advancement in the field with a focus on supply chain and business management.    

The Certificate in Supply Chain Management and Logistics is also:


  • Tuition for this certificate is $11,400
  • Students should be able to complete the certificate in 6-9 months
  • Students can transfer up to 9 credits that can be applied to the certificate 

Program at a Glance:




100% online & stackable

Transfer Credits:

Apply up to 9 transfer credits to this certificate

Time to Complete:

6-9 months; transfer credits can reduce completion time


$11,400; transfer credits can reduce tuition cost
($600 per credit x 19 credits)

See if you qualify for a corporate discount.

*Tuition is based on 2021-2022 tuition and does not include fees or books.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics

  • Supply chain-related jobs are expected to grow by 4% through 2029 as logistics and supply chain processes remain an important factor in profitability for companies and other organizations
  • The median annual salary for logisticians is $76,000 

The Bureau predicts that job prospects should be best for candidates who have experience using logistical software or doing logistical work for the military.

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    Curriculum for Certificate in Supply Chain Management & Logistics

    Certificate of Proficiency in Supply Chain Management & Logistics – Minimum Total Credits: 19

    PRCPRC 100 or PRC 101*1
    SCM 301Forecasting and Logistics**3
    SCM 320Sourcing and Operations**3
    MGT 204Production and Operations Analysis3
    MGT 210Applied Management Concepts3
    MGT 404Operations Management 3
    SCM 425SCM Capstone**3

    *Students who place into developmental education courses and/or who have completed fewer than 15 credits are required to enroll in the Student Success Seminar, PRC 100.

    **Students will complete SCM 301, SCM 320 and SCM 425 through the RIZE consortium platform. At the successful completion of each course, college credit for these courses is awarded by Peirce College.

    Prerequisites: BUS 100 and MAT 109 will be waived for Certificate students, however, students without foundational knowledge or experience in business may benefit from taking BUS 100, and students without business math knowledge may benefit from taking MAT 109. MGT 210 is required before taking MGT 404.    

    To enroll in this certificate program, students must be eligible for placement in college-level English. 

    Please consult Academic Advising for the best path forward


    Graduates of the Certificate in Supply Chain Management and Logistics will be able to:

    1. Identify strategies for forecasting, sourcing, and operations.
    2. Apply management principles to business situations
    3. Demonstrate concepts critical to supply chain management
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