Peirce College Corporate Partnership with American Paradigm Schools

If you're a working adult learner considering returning to school in Philadelphia, then it's time you considered Peirce College. Peirce has been the school for adult learners in the Greater Philadelphia Area since its founding in 1865, providing working adults like yourself with a path to completing their college degrees. You're not 18 anymore, so why would you attend a college that still treats you like you are? At Peirce, you'll get flexible, accelerated courses that teach market-relevant skills and knowledge, and we'll support you every step of the way.

You're serious about returning to school, but you still have a job, adult responsibilities and maybe even a family to take care of. When you enroll at Peirce, you can get your degree without sacrificing any of that. Here you can switch between on-campus and online learning any week you choose, and most courses are taught on an accelerated, two-month format. Along with this unparalleled level of flexibility, you'll also get the one-on-one support you need through tutoring, advising, career development services and more.

Corporate Partnership Tuition Discount

And there's one other amazing way Peirce helps make higher education feasible for working adult learners: affordability. We're already one of Pennsylvania's most affordable private colleges, but American Paradigm Schools employees can get an even more affordable rate. Through our corporate partnership with American Paradigm Schools, employees and their spouses and dependents qualify for an incredible tuition discount at Peirce.

To receive your Peirce College corporate discount, simply complete an application and select your employer when asked how you heard about Peirce. A Peirce admissions representative will then be in touch to guide you through the next steps. To see a full list of benefits Peirce offers through our corporate partnership with American Paradigm Schools, click here. We’ll also waive your $50 undergraduate application fee.

About American Paradigm Schools

By integrating a "whole child approach" to its curriculum and activities, American Paradigm Schools (APS) is able to accomplish its mission of developing, supporting and managing diverse school communities. By placing an emphasis on literacy, APS provides academic excellence and expands opportunities for all students. APS believes it can help its students to become productive community members, good local and global citizens and successful college students.

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