IREM Corporate Partnership

IREM Corporate Partnership

Peirce College and IREM Corporate Partnership

IREMShort-smallIf you're a working adult learner, your education needs are different from those of the first-time college student heading off to school at 18. You have a job, responsibilities, maybe a family. Your time and budget are limited, and your focus is purely on improving your career outlook. If that sounds like you, then you'll love the sounds of Peirce College: Philadelphia's school for adult learners since 1865.

Peirce lets you learn when it's convenient to your schedule and speeds you along toward completing your degree thanks to our flexible, accelerated courses, available online or on campus. In fact, you can even choose to switch between online and on-campus learning every single week. What's more, the lessons you learn will be focused on helping you get a better job, and our supportive staff and faculty are here to do everything we can to help you reach graduation and land the job you deserve.

Corporate Partnership Tuition Discount

But what about your budget concerns? Well, if you're an Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) employee or the dependent or spouse of one, then you can save big on the cost of higher education at Peirce. That's because IREM employees and their immediate families qualify for a tuition discount when they attend college here.

To receive your Peirce College corporate discount, simply complete a Peirce College application and select your employer when asked how you heard about Peirce. A Peirce admissions representative will then be in touch to guide you through the next steps. To see a full list of benefits Peirce offers through our corporate partnership with IREM, click here

About Insitute of Real Estate Management

IREM is the real estate managers' international community and is dedicated to ethical business practices, the promotion of excellent management through education and information sharing and the maximization of investment real estate valuation. In other words, if you're connected in any way to real estate management, then IREM is your home.