Peirce College and JEVS Are Corporate Partners

For working adult learners like yourself, the challenges of returning to school are more than a little different than those faced by traditional age college students. You already have years of workforce experience, a full plate of adult responsibilities and maybe even a family to raise. You can't be on campus taking traditional classes all day, and at Peirce College, you won't have to be.


Since its founding in 1865, Peirce has been Philadelphia's college for adult learners. Today, we continue that tradition by offering our students flexible, accelerated courses that teach them the skills and lessons they need to succeed in their career. Since a new session starts about once every two months, you can get your education back on track almost any time of year. And once you do, you can study online or on campus – or even switch between the two on a weekly basis if you'd like. And since our staff and faculty members want to see you advance your career, you'll get extensive support services to help you realize your dream of completing your college education.

Corporate Partnership Tuition Discount

But what about tuition costs? Well, for JEVS Human Services employees, the cost of higher education is a lot more palatable thanks to our corporate partnership. That's because JEVS employees and their spouses and dependents can enjoy a tuition discount when they attend Peirce College.

To receive your Peirce College corporate discount, simply complete a Peirce College application and select your employer when asked how you heard about Peirce. A Peirce admissions representative will then be in touch to guide you through the next steps. To see a full list of benefits Peirce offers through our corporate partnership with JEVS, click here. We’ll also waive your $50 undergraduate application fee.

About JEVS Human Services

JEVS Human Services believes in giving people possibilities for self-sufficiency and satisfaction. The organization touches the lives of more than 35,000 people annually, the majority of which are physically, emotionally or developmentally challenged. JEVS' mission is to make more happen right now while affecting meaningful change for tomorrow.

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