Peirce College and Magee Rehabilitation Are Corporate Partners

At Peirce College, we know your needs as a working adult learner are different than traditional-aged students' needs. You want to complete your education so you can land the career you deserve, but your time is limited. Work and the responsibilities of adulthood can't just be swept aside to make room for college. Instead, college needs to find a way to fit seamlessly into your life. Thanks to the flexible, accelerated degrees Peirce offers, college will do just that when you enroll here.

At Peirce, you have the option to take your courses online or on campus or even to switch between online and on-campus learning as needed on a weekly basis. You're also able to start whenever you need to and get your degree fast thanks to new courses beginning about every two months at Peirce. However you choose to learn, when you're in class at Peirce you'll learn market-relevant skills and lessons that will help you advance your career once you graduate.

Corporate Partnership Tuition Discount

Of course, there's still the issue of cost. But for Magee Rehabilitation employees, the issue is how much you'll save off tuition costs thanks to our corporate partnership. That's because Magee employees and their spouses and dependents can receive a tuition discount when they enroll at Peirce College.

To receive your Peirce College corporate discount, simply complete a Peirce College application and select your employer when asked how you heard about Peirce. A Peirce admissions representative will then be in touch to guide you through the next steps. To see a full list of benefits Peirce offers through our corporate partnership with Magee, click here. We’ll also waive your $50 undergraduate application fee.

About Magee Rehabilitation

Magee Rehabilitation strives to better the quality of life for persons with disabilities through the provision of high-quality physical and cognitive rehabilitative services. Magee is dedicated to being the leading independent provisioner of those services through practicing ;excellence and innovation in the delivery of care. Its exemplary clinical care and ever-improving patient care and quality services sets Magee apart from other rehabilitation services.

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