Peirce Scholarship Competition awards $60,000 to 23 students

Peirce Scholarship Competition awards $60,000 to 23 students

On behalf of Peirce College’s faculty members and staff, I want to take a moment and say congratulations to the winners of Peirce College’s Fall 2009 Scholarship Competition!

We do this twice a year, and in this round we awarded a total of $60,000 in scholarship funds to 23 students. The Scholarship Competition is divided among three programs: Business Administration, Paralegal Studies, and Information Technology. Each program receives $20,000 to distribute at its discretion, so the number of recipients and the amount of each individual award changes from year to year.

If you’re a student interested in entering the competition, or simply curious about the scholarship programs available at Peirce, I’ll be sharing more details about the Peirce Scholarship Competition in the coming days.

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