Peirce and SEPTA Are Corporate Partners

What does a school that's built specifically to serve working adult learners look like? It looks like Peirce College, Philadelphia's school for adult learners since 1865. As a nontraditional student, your higher education needs are a bit different than your average 18-year-old's, and the supportive, flexible, career-oriented education you'll get at Peirce is designed to meet those needs.

Courses start every two months at Peirce, so you can enroll and begin learning any time of year. And once you start, you can complete courses and move on to your next batch in just two months, giving you the flexibility you need to learn at your own pace. Speaking of flexibility, Peirce also allows you to take your courses online or on campus. What's more, you can even switch between online and classroom learning any week you want to, as many weeks as you need to.

No matter how you choose to take your courses at Peirce, you'll benefit from our supportive staff and faculty, who are here to encourage your journey through higher education and support your path to completing your degree. That path includes learning market-relevant skills and knowledge, the kind that will help you accomplish your goal: to improve your career outlook.

Corporate Partnership Tuition Discount

And if you work for SEPTA, you can complete your degree at Peirce at a surprisingly affordable price. Thanks to our corporate partnership program, SEPTA employees and their spouses and dependents can take advantage of a tuition discount when they enroll at Peirce College.

To receive your Peirce College corporate discount, simply complete a Peirce College application and select your employer when asked how you heard about Peirce. A Peirce admissions representative will then be in touch to guide you through the next steps. To see a full list of benefits Peirce offers through our corporate partnership with SEPTA, click here. We’ll also waive your $50 undergraduate application fee.


The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) provides public transit options throughout Philadelphia, Chester, Montgomery, Bucks and Chester counties. Whether through trolleys, buses, subways, high-speed lines or regional rails, locals and visitors can count on SEPTA to help them get where they need to go.

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