Joseph Juarez

Joseph Juarez

Joseph Juarez '17

Even though he was a veteran with more than 20 years of work experience and an associate degree, Joseph Juarez realized he needed his bachelor’s degree to advance his career. 

He decided to go back to school and enrolled at Peirce College, where he was able to maximize his transfer credits, including credits earned for his military training and service.

“The great thing about Peirce College is their dedication to finding every credit possible to transfer into your degree,” he said. “I got to finish my degree sooner from all my associate degree credits and military experience.”

In addition to transfer credit and flexibility, Juarez found that Peirce’s BS in Integrated Leadership (now called Organizational Leadership and Management) aligned closely with his work experience and career goals. 

“I was already doing this type of work out in the field,” he said. “Integrated Leadership combined skills for the role I wanted to be doing and what I was already doing. I had the experience, I just needed the credential.” 

Juarez finished his bachelor’s degree in June 2017 and gives a lot of credit to Peirce’s faculty and staff. 

“Peirce makes it easy. Any question or issue you think you may have, Peirce will help you through it,” he said. “The College is made for adults with its accelerated programs and flexibility. Before you know it, you’re done.”

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