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Online Programs for JetBlue Family Members

Peirce College is honored to extend corporate tuition discounts to the spouses and dependents of JetBlue Crewmembers for all undergraduate and graduate programs and certificates at Peirce College.

What You Can Expect

  • Affordable, discounted tuition and scholarship opportunities
  • Flexible, stackable, online programs that work around your unique needs 
  • Generous transfer credit policies that maximizes the credits you've already earned
  • The opportunity to save money via no cost and low-cost courses, including Career Certificates from Google, Meta and IBM and courses from and
  • The opportunity to earn credit for what you already know, including professional and military training and certifications, CLEP® exams and other credit-by-exam programs
  • Personalized service - from admissions and degree planning to career counseling and post-graduation support

Saving You Time & Money

Peirce saves you time and money by maximizing your transfer credits, providing opportunities to earn credit for what you already know and aligning our degree programs with low-cost and no-cost courses offered by Coursera, and Sophia Learning. 

Giving You the Credit You Deserve  

  • Apply up to 102 transfer credits to your bachelor’s
  • Apply up to 30 transfer credits to your associates
  • Apply up to 12 transfer credits to your master’s

Earning Credit for What You Already Know 
Peirce is a leader in the assessment of prior learning, and awards credit for military and professional training; select professional certifications, including IT and project management; credit-by-exam; and expertise you have gained in your career and your life. Learn more

Earn Credits for Free
As a Peirce student, you have the opportunity to earn credits for free through our partnership with Coursera. You can earn up to 21 credits through Career Certificates offered by Google, Meta and IBM and other courses. You can earn your first three graduate credits for your master’s degree via our Graduate Leadership Bootcamp. Learn more

Discounted Tuition 

As a corporate partner of Peirce College, JetBlue Crewmembers and their spouses and dependents receive a corporate tuition discount that makes advancing your education more affordable. The cost of undergraduate programs depends on a few factors, including how many transfer credits can be applied to your degree and whether you are able to earn credit for college-level knowledge you already possess. Contact our Admissions Team to learn more about how to estimate the cost of your undergraduate program at Peirce. 

For graduate programs, below is an estimate of total tuition by master's degree programs.

  • 30-credit program:  $18,750 in total tuition
  • 36-credit program: $22,500 in total tuition
  • 18-credit certificate: $11,250 in total tuition

Estimated tuition does not include books and is based on Peirce College's current tuition rates and discounts offered to JetBlue.

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Spouses & Dependents of JetBlue Crewmembers:
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If you are already a JetBlue Scholar, please contact your Success Coach.

If you are not yet a JetBlue Scholar, please contact the JetBlue Scholars team at:

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