The Top 5 Questions About Transfer Credit

Transferring credits to a new school can seem extremely overwhelming. There are are so many different requirements for transfer students depending on which college or university you choose to attend.

Many students have similar questions about transfer credits and the transfer process at Peirce, so we put together the five most frequently asked questions by our students to help answer your questions about transfer credit.

Can I transfer to Peirce from a community college?

Of course! Each year, hundreds of community college students transfer to Peirce College, including many who are able to apply their entire associate degree to their bachelor’s degree. Peirce has one of the most generous transfer credit policies in the country for community college students and others who have completed college course work at two- and four-year institutions.

Peirce currently partners with more than 20 two-year schools as part of our Community College Transfer Articulation Program. Many graduates of these institutions benefit from dual-admission and articulation scholarships.

How many transfer credits will Peirce College accept?

Up to 102 transfer credits can be applied to Peirce’s bachelor’s degree programs in Liberal Studies, Human Services Leadership, Organizational Leadership, and Technology Management.

Up to 90 transfer credits can be applied to Peirce's bachelor’s degree programs in Accounting, Business Administration, Criminal Justice, Health Information Administration, Healthcare Administration, Human Resources Management, Information Technology, and Paralegal Studies.

At Peirce College, we provide prospective students with a complimentary review of transfer credits so they can begin to get an idea of how their previous credits may be applied to our degree programs from the very beginning. Typically, if you took a course that is applicable and equivalent to a Peirce College course and you earned a C or better, your course may be eligible for transfer. Graduate students are required to receive a B or better to earn transfer credit. 

Courses and credits that do not meet the standard Peirce College transfer credit criteria may be accepted at the sole discretion of the College provided the student wishing to transfer can prove proficiency in the course through credit by examination.

How do I transfer credit to Peirce?

The first step to transferring credit to Peirce is submitting an application. Once you apply, your next step is to send us your official transcripts from the colleges and universities you have attended. Your transcripts need to come directly to Peirce from the institutions you attended or the National Student Clearinghouse, Parchment, or e-SCRIP SAFE. Click here for more instructions.

In addition to credits earned at other regionally accredited institutions, you can also transfer credit earned from CLEP® and DSST® exams, professional and military training, law enforcement training and professional certifications and licenses, including select IT certifications and Health Information Technology certifications. 

Can I apply for financial aid if I transfer credit to Peirce College?

Yes! Financial aid is a factor to consider when transferring colleges. Financial aid is not automatically renewed or transferred to a new college. We recommend applying for financial aid through FAFSA as soon as possible to ensure your financial aid for Peirce College can be processed in time for your first semester. Peirce provides personal financial aid counselors to help you navigate the process.

There are many options for financial aid, including federal work study, grants, and loans. At Peirce College, when you transfer from one of our articulation partners, you also have the opportunity to qualify for scholarships. 

Can I earn credit at Peirce through CLEP® and AP® exams I have passed?

Yes!  CLEP® and AP® exams are among the most popular credit-by-exam programs in the country and help students save time and money.  See our CLEP® exam course equivalency chart. If you’ve passed a CLEP® exam or an AP® Exam in a subject applicable to your academic program at Peirce, you might be able to apply it as transfer credit to your degree. Consult with your Admissions Representative to review the transferability of your AP® Exam credits. Peirce College will use the American Council on Education's (ACE) recommended credit-granting score to determine eligibility for awarding credits for CLEP®, DSST®, and AP® Exams. You will need to have your official test scores and transcripts submitted to Peirce.

Maximizing transfer credits is critical for adult learners. Contact our Admissions team to schedule a preliminary review and see how your transfer credit can apply to a bachelor’s degree at Peirce and save you time and money.   

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