Budget-Friendly Internet Essentials

Having access to a reliable, internet-connected computer is essential for college students. But what happens if you don't think you can afford them? That’s where we can help.

Peirce College and Comcast's Internet Essentials program makes computers and internet access available at prices that fit your budget.

And you won't get this amazing technology benefit anywhere else in the Philadelphia area. Peirce is the only college in the area partnered with Comcast to offer students access to the Internet Essentials Program. Now adult learners like you have a budget-friendly way to equip yourself to return to college.

Affordable, High-Performing Laptops and Desktops for College

The best cheap laptops for college need to be as capable as they are affordable. Through our Comcast partnership, you're able to purchase a modern laptop or desktop with all the computing power you need for just $149.99 + tax when you become a Peirce student. Your discounted computer will even come equipped with Windows 10, Microsoft Office and Norton Security so you can complete all your coursework and keep all your files and data protected.

Affordable Internet Access

As a college student, you’ll also need access to the internet for researching papers, taking part in class discussions and submitting assignments. And you probably want to get that internet access without breaking your piggy bank. Peirce and Comcast will help you with that too!

Thanks to Internet Essentials, as a Peirce student, you'll get an in-home, high-speed internet network for the discounted rate of just $9.95 per month + tax. That means you'll have all the speed and all the access you need to get your assignments done whenever and wherever it's convenient for you.

Plus, you'll get a free internet router and access to 40 hours of Xfinity WiFi hotspot use every month. So, can get online anywhere you have access to Xfinity WiFi (covering all of Philadelphia and much of the Delaware Valley) without spending a single penny.

Digital Literacy Training

Getting an affordable laptop or desktop and internet connection is a great deal for anyone heading back to school on a budget. But what if you're a working adult learner returning to school for the first time in a long time and WiFi, Microsoft and megabytes aren't languages you speak? No problem! Through our partnership with Comcast Internet Essentials, you'll also have access to free digital skills training workshops in person, in print or online. We'll get you up to speed on computer and internet usage in no time so you can get down to earning your degree.

Get Your Internet Essentials Access

Get registered for classes and get access to Internet Essentials now. Contact Admissions at 215.670.9214 or admissions@peirce.edu to register and make returning to college fit into your budget.

Please note that some restrictions may apply. To qualify, students must live in Comcast's service area and be free of outstanding Comcast debt under one year old.

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